Layer Labs X

LayerLabsX is focused on running Layerzero infrastructure in the form of decentralized verification networks (DVNs) to verify cross-chain messages. Any type of verification method, whether that be a bridge, oracle, attestation service, or a blockchain can connect into Layerzero V2 as a DVN with a customized security setup to fit to your specific needs.

LayerZero by the Numbers
Total Messages
Supported Blockchains
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Largest Bug Bounty in the World

LayerZero Features


Each Omnichain Application must configure a security stack comprising of DVNs, Executor(s), chain confirmations, MessageLibraries, and chain pathways for omnichain messaging. This setup grants applications complete control over security. With the implementation of Layerzero V2 now live, the best recommendation is for builders to set their own custom configuration security stack.


Omnichain interoperability protocol that enables multiple blockchains to communicate cross-chain and share information seamlessly.


Endpoints on each chain exist in the form of smart contracts. New verification libraries can be added as append-only updates. These are non-upgradeable and will exist in perpetuity.


Anyone may run the infrastructure necessary to verify and execute messages. Anyone can build on and interact with LayerZero.

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